American Journal of Medicine:
Symposium on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome is the focus of a special supplement of the American Journal of Medicine, published in September 1998. The supplement contains some 20 scientific articles.

The article titles shown below are linked to the full text of each article. Many thanks to Sjaak Smeenk for preparing these electronic texts.

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Below are the links to the full texts of each article in the AJM special supplement.


Foreword: Recent developments in chronic fatigue syndrome. Philip R. Lee.

Chronic fatigue syndrome comes of age. Paul H. Levine, Guest Editor


Chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome: shifting boundaries and attributions. Lloyd AR.



Neuroendocrine aspects of chronic fatigue syndrome: a commentary. Demitrack MA.

Neurally mediated hypotension and chronic fatigue syndrome. Rowe PC, Calkins H.

Autonomic testing in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. De Becker P, Dendale P, De Meirleir K, Campine I, Vandenborne K, Hagers Y.


Natural killer cells and natural killer cell activity in chronic fatigue syndrome. Whiteside TL, Friberg D.

Stress-associated immune modulation: relevance to viral infections and chronic fatigue syndrome. Glaser R, Kiecolt-Glaser JK.

Immunologic parameters in chronic fatigue syndrome, major depression, and multiple sclerosis. Natelson BH, LaManca JJ, Denny TN, Vladutiu A, Oleske J, Hill N, Bergen MT, Korn L, Hay J.


Neuroimaging in chronic fatigue syndrome. Lange G, Wang S, DeLuca J, Natelson BH.

Brain positron emission tomography (PET) in chronic fatigue syndrome: preliminary data. Tirelli U, Chierichetti F, Tavio M, Simonelli C, Bianchin G, Zanco P, Ferlin G.


Influence of exhaustive treadmill exercise on cognitive functioning in chronic fatigue syndrome. LaManca JJ, Sisto SA, DeLuca J, Johnson SK, Lange G, Pareja J, Cook S, Natelson BH.

Parallels between post-polio fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome: a common pathophysiology? Bruno RL, Creange SJ, Frick NM.


Illness from low levels of environmental chemicals: relevance to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Bell IR, Baldwin CM, Schwartz GE.

The epidemiology of chronic fatigue in San Francisco. Steele L, Dobbins JG, Fukuda K, Reyes M, Randall B, Koppelman M, Reeves WC.

Estimating the prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome among nurses. Jason LA, Wagner L, Rosenthal S, Goodlatte J, Lipkin D, Papernik M, Plioplys S, Plioplys AV.

Reproductive correlates of chronic fatigue syndrome. Harlow BL, Signorello LB, Hall JE, Dailey C, Komaroff AL


What we know about chronic fatigue syndrome and its relevance to the practicing physician. Levine PH.

Cognitive behavior therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome: efficacy and implications. Sharpe M.

An evaluation of multidisciplinary intervention for chronic fatigue syndrome with long-term follow-up, and a comparison with untreated controls. Marlin RG, Anchel H, Gibson JC, Goldberg WM, Swinton M.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and seasonal affective disorder: comorbidity, diagnostic overlap, and implications for treatment. Terman M, Levine SM, Terman JS, Doherty S.

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