CFS-DOC Doctors private discussion group

CFS-DOC is a private e-mail discussion group for doctors who wish to discuss with their professional peers. To join the group, fill out the registration form below. For further information about CFS, see the Doctors CFS web page and the general CFS/ME Info web page.


The registration procedure below is only for (1) medical doctors or (2) doctors of osteopathy. Please complete the information shown below.

USA doctors may register by e-mail *if* they send in their state license number, their DEA number and their Medicare UPIN number. Any doctor may send in verification information by postal mail, as described below. Note the addresses shown at the end for these mailings.


I. General information

Send in the following either by e-mail OR postal mail:


     Profession (MD or DO):

               Office name:

   Office street address 1:

   Office street address 1:

     City, State/Province,
          zip/postal code :


        Business telephone:

Board specialties (if any):

II. Verification

Choose any of the following.

   A) USA doctors may send in by E-MAIL all three of the following:

       (1) state license number
       (2) DEA number
       (3) Medicare UPIN number

        For USA doctors who are registering by e-mail for the CFS doctors'
        group, it is necessary to send in ALL THREE of the numbers shown 
        above.  If you do not have current numbers for all three, then you
        must register by one of the other options listed below, such as by
        sending in by postal mail a copy of your current license (with 
        "void" or "duplicate" written on it).

   B) Any doctor can send in by POSTAL mail a photocopy of their license.
   You should write the word "VOID" over the full face of the copy (to help
   protect the integrity of your original).  Include in your mailing a note
   stating your Internet address.

   C) Doctors who cannot comply with either of the two options above may
   contact the moderator to make a special arrangement for verification.


Send materials by e-mail to:  CFS-DOC-REQUEST@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU

Send materials by postal mail to:

   Roger Burns
   Moderator, CFS-DOC
   2800 Quebec St. NW, no. 1242
   Washington, DC 20008-1240